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In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Imagine being able to say goodbye to your beloved pet in the safety and comfort of their very own home.

There are many reasons to consider our in-home euthanasia service.

  • Avoid the stressful car ride to your local veterinary clinic in their final moments. 

  • We will listen to you. We want you to feel supported. We want you to feel confident that this is the right choice for you and your pet. If you are unsure, we do offer a quality of life telehealth consultation. 

  • Surround your pet with the family and friends that they love. There is no limit to who can be there to say goodbye. It is your home, afterall. 

  • We provide tailored end-of-life care. Peaceful Crossings wants to help in any way possible to create the perfect goodbye. This service can be provided indoors or outdoors, weather permitting.

  • Leave the after-care to us. We offer a variety of after-care options after your appointment such as cremation and burial services. 

  • There is no rush. Do you have a poem you’d like to read? A story you’d like to share?  We want to take our time and make sure that you get to say the farewell that you want. The farewell your pet deserves. (Plus we LOVE hearing about the amazing adventures your pet has gone through!)

  • No need to stress about notifying everyone. We will notify your local veterinarian, groomer, or whomever you wish about the passing of your pet. 

  • Want to let the world know how great your pet truly was? We’ve got that covered! We have a memorial page dedicated to your pet’s story. This will also be shared on Peaceful Crossing’s social media accounts, with your permission of-course. (optional)

Euthanasia is kind.

Most owners want their pets to pass peacefully in their sleep. That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, most pets do not go peacefully on their own terms. Dogs and cats do not show pain like us humans. They often suffer in silence. By the time they do show outward signs of pain, they have already been suffering for far too long. The truth of a “natural death” is that it is not pretty and not without suffering. 


We are here to give the gift of a dignified death. 

One with no suffering and no pain. 

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What to expect for in-home euthanasia experience

Once Dr. Sellers arrives at your home, she will talk with you about your pet, go over any paperwork, and answer any lingering questions. This gives your pet time to acclimate to the doctor’s presence while in their home.


Dr. Sellers will then give an injection of anesthesia/pain medication under the skin, like how a vaccine is administered. It takes approximately anywhere from 5-15 minutes for your pet to relax and welcome their sleep. This is a good time to tell us all about your pet’s adventures. We love hearing about their quirks and what makes them so special. If you would prefer to have time alone with your pet while they fall asleep, the doctor does not mind stepping out to give you and your family privacy.


When your pet is ready, Dr. Sellers will administer the euthanasia solution through an indwelling intravenous catheter. The doctor will confirm death by auscultating your pet’s chest and checking their blink reflex. Every pet is different. Some will pass away immediately while others take a little longer. This is completely normal. We will walk you through everything as it happens.


It is important to note that you do not have to stay for the entire process. You can choose to stay for the anesthesia and then step out for the actual euthanasia. You can also choose to not be present in the room for any of it. This is a very personal decision. Some owners want to be there for their pet’s last moments. Other owners do not want that to be their last memory of their pet. There is no right or wrong decision. Please let Dr. Sellers know, at any point, if you change your mind about being present for the euthanasia.


We do provide complimentary paw prints via PawPals. These imprints help memorialize your pet and contain a place for your pet's photo.


If you choose cremation, Dr. Sellers will transport your pet to the crematorium after the appointment. If you opt to receive ashes back, those ashes will be delivered to your home or to your local veterinary office for pick up.


Depending on how big your pet is, the doctor may need help with getting your pet into the vehicle for transportation. Please let us know ahead of time if this is not possible.

Pricing for Services:

  • Cremation: Please call/text for an estimate. Prices are based on your pet’s weight.

  • After-Hours appointments are an additional $100 and are completely based on the doctor's availability. (Please note that these appointments need to be scheduled in advance and are not available on an emergency basis). 

Meet Dr. Samantha Sellers

Hi there! My name is Samantha Sellers and I am a veterinarian specializing in end-of-life care. One of the reasons that I started Peaceful Crossings is because I truly care about your pet’s last moments. Saying goodbye is never easy. Even for a veterinarian. Nothing prepares you for the inevitable farewell. It is my belief that your pet is a family member. They deserve to be treated with the love and dignity that our human family members receive in their final moments.

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