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Remembering Charlie "Dub"

"For 16 years, Dub ate all of our “pizza bones” and gobbled up buckets of “poppy” with us.

Despite being blind, he charged full speed ahead at every ball he heard bounce, mastered new tricks, and put one paw in front of the other to boldly explore America with us for two years.


I had to fill out a form, and it asked for his name: Charlie “Dub” Wann. But I call him My Love, Dubba, Frito Bandito, Dubba Frito Bandito Panty Bandit Wann, Buddy Boy, or Good Boy.


Thank you, Dub, for serving as our unofficial emotional support animal, entertainer, and teacher. You had a great, long adventure, and yet somehow, it was still not long enough for us. We were so lucky to share it with you." - The Wann Family


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