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Remembering Nala

"10 years ago, "Baby Nala" came into my life at a time when I really needed a companion. From the very first minute, to her last, that's exactly what she was. She "helped" me with everything - from exercise and walks, to cuddling to laundry - which was really just her dragging the clothes from the dryer to the living room floor, piece by piece. She was so proud of herself, that I never cared about the puppy slobbers all over my shirts. A few months later, I met my (now) husband and both Nala and I fell in love. She was no longer just my baby, but his, too. She loved taking truck rides with him and insisted on sitting in his lap. He introduced her to the 4wheeler and she would start howling to go run the minute it was fired up. Cutting wood was her favorite chore, which no one ever understood! One time, she heard a chainsaw running out in the woods and decided to go on an "adventure" by herself which landed her in the doggy slammer at Nixa PD. We often joked that she was the only dog we knew with a record. Nala came from a line of protection dogs, but she didn't have a mean bone in her body. She was the sweetest girl to everyone she met. She was so sweet, in fact, that she finally convinced us to get her a doggy-brother to play with and teach all of the doggy things to. She especially loved our kids; sleeping outside their bedroom doors at night and going on every adventure through the woods that they took. She LOVED balls and there was nothing that would keep her on the porch if there was a ball in play. She fetched those balls until her old, tired legs gave out. She has truly left an irreplaceable hole in our family. She was loved so much and will be missed every day."

- Heather Ulrich


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