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Remembering Ocie

"With great sadness we said goodbye to our sweet Ocie kitty on July 19, 2023. She showed up in our backyard July 27, 2012 at about 4 months old, malnourished & badly injured. Bill warned me not to feed her and yet not an hour later he was taking her food on a paper plate & placing it by the big rock where she was resting. The next morning, she was still there, and he repeated feeding her. The next morning, she was at on our mat at our back door & has been our little girl ever since. She was never far from her protector enjoying daily walks around our house, to just chillin on the back porch, and every night in Bill's lap. She brought us great joy and I trust we loved her well. Ocie, you are forever in our hearts."

- Debi Achor


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