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Remembering Simon

"Our special little kitty came to mama and daddy from out of the woods. It took a bit for him to know he was gonna be ok. He was certainly the boss around here! The other kitties would walk all the way around him as far as they could get. lol They all became fast friends with just an occasional little swat. He became my daddy's kitty. He loved him so much! He would always love on his toes and feet. He was such a blessing to my dad as he was sick. Simon would go into the garage with daddy even if all he could do was sit down. That silly cat always stayed by daddy's side. He was his fur angel. I really believe that he missed my dad, too. For the longest time, he would look for him so sad but you know they are surely reunited at the golden roads of heaven. We do miss Simon but he is free now and I know he's in heaven rubbing on daddy's toes and feet. We love you Simon, but we also know we will ride up there, Lebanon.Daddy, I know you're in good hands! Buddy, we love and miss you. You made our lives a better place!"

-Rebecca Wyatt


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