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Remembering Wilson

"Wilson (aka Willie, Willie Wilson, Bubba, Sweet Pea, Silly Willie), a truly unforgettable feline friend, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 29, 2024.

He brought laughter and purrs into our lives for over eight years, leaving paw prints on our hearts forever. Wilson was a gregarious greeter, his happy tail always straight up whenever someone he knew entered the house. He also showed Mom around the house when she came by to feed him. He was always waiting for me when I came home from work or a trip. If he wasn't there, I could make him come with his own special whistle call.

Wilson kept me to a schedule. He would let me know it was time for bed. If I didn't go to bed in time, he would go without me. Then, if I came to bed, he might get up annoyed. After I settled with a book, he would lie beside me, sometimes requiring my arm be available in case he wanted to drape his back leg over it. When I was finally ready to go to bed, would get up annoyed with me, again. Finally, after I was in the dark and settled, he would come lie down in the crook of my legs, frequently causing my knees to fall asleep with his 12-13 pound body. When I first moved to get up with the alarm, Wilson was ready to go. I had to keep to routine, first letting the downstairs bathroom sink faucet trickle for him. Then I'd fill the hole of the crunchy food bowl. When I went to upstairs bathroom, I sometimes had to wait to wash my face or brush my teeth so he could drink water from that sink, too!

Wilson loved drinking water. In addition to all of the sinks, he had a fancy cat fountain. He would get really excited whenever I cleaned it and get in my way while I was trying to reassemble it.

He had a general penchant for bathrooms, possibly because his early kittenhood was spent in one with his sisters and brother to protect them from old lady cats. Bathtubs were his personal playground where he loved to chase a ball around like a crazy sport. He would run from anywhere in the house when I turned off the shower so I could comb my wet hair into him and pet him. He was very annoyed whenever Mr. Darcy stopped by to infringe on this time.

He loved to watch the Birder King on YouTube and would run from anywhere in the house whenever her heard the introductory whistle for it.

Despite his adventurous spirit (which sometimes led to escapes - we still remember the seed tick incident at Prairie State Park!), Wilson was a sweet and affectionate soul. He was an anxious eater but a dedicated laundry inspector and bed-making assistant. Wilson had an expressive face, and though some sadness lingered in his eyes when he was young, it was quickly replaced by the joy of finding his forever home.

We miss his playful antics, his love of water, and his unwavering loyalty. Wilson truly was everyone's favorite, a constant companion who brought sunshine into our lives." - Katy Holmer


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