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Remembering Cheese

"Cheese was a white handsome Shih-Tzu and we are so thankful that we had him for almost 15 years. Cheese was born on March 23rd of 2008 and passed on March 2, 2023. March 23rd would have made him 15 years old this year. Cheese was stubborn, loved giving us hugs and many licks, was very patient, and was just the best fun-loving silly boy and protective boy we could ever ask for. Cheese would let us know when we forgot to clean his water bowl and demanded filtered water! He would take nothing else, lol. I started the habit. I thought I would have him forever and never thought about him leaving us. We just had so much love and fun. Things then changed. Cheese became very ill to the point where we could not travel with him to our vet. Our family was referred to Samantha Sellers, DVM, with Peaceful Crossings. The veterinarian, Samantha, did not rush us. Samantha and her assistant were so pleasant and understood just how much we love Cheese, and how much this was hurting us. She evaluated Cheese and came to the same conclusion that he would need to be assisted as he was in pain. The patience, love, and care that Peaceful Crossings provided through our loss of Cheese, and after has truly helped our family with confidence knowing that we did the best thing for him. He is missed and loved forever. Thank you, Samantha and your kind assistant with the personalized card you sent. You both truly knew how painful this was for us, and you both remembered things we shared with you. Your personalized card is healing, and I thank you so much for the love and care that you two provided Cheese, and his family."

- Robert & Rose Weng


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