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Remembering Indo

"Indo was a gentle giant. We got Indo when he was eight weeks old. A fluffy little furball. I didn't expect him to get as big as what he did. His head touched my hip and he walked right beside me every day with his head on my hip. Indo laid beside my bed every night to protect me. He was a loyal companion and laid at my feet whenever I was watching TV, every night. I will miss him so much.Indo loved laying outside under the shade tree with the wind blowing in his hair. He could be out there all day and he would be happy, except for whenever I would get home. Then he had to be right beside me at all times. He hated the FedEx and the UPS driver. The funny thing is, they are the ones that would bring his food and I kept telling him "They got your food! I don't know why you're fussing with them", but he still hated them. You always knew somebody was at the house whenever he was on alert. I thought you would live longer than 14 years but now you're running, having fun and not hurting anymore. I love you buddy. Thank you for being by my side every day. You did what you were supposed to do: protect me and take care of the family. You did a great job. You never disappointed, that's for sure. I will miss you. I'm gonna say this one last time, and only you and the family would know what this means but that's between us. Done."


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