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Remembering Lily

"We were saddened to say goodbye to Lily - our 14-year-old Chiweenie - on 08/03/23 after battling her sharp decline into canine cognitive dysfunction. She was a world-traveling pup, having moved with her two moms across the country and back, living and playing in Alexandria, VA and Buffalo, NY before coming back to Springfield, MO. She loved car rides, chasing squirrels, laying in the sun, cuddling on the couch, and visiting all the many people who loved her. She hated the dog park, the sound of children laughing, and getting her nails trimmed. Lily is survived by her brother Lito, who continues to wait for her on the back porch and definitely misses annoying her while she naps. She also lives on in our memories as the best companion of our twenties; our Tigerlily, Lillehamer, Ninny, Ninnikins."

- Jordan & Sandy Ryan


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