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Remembering Precious

"About Precious--I knew she was going to be a strong-willed, get-what-she-wants "queen" when I first came in contact with her. I very fortunately was at Lowe's on N. Kansas one morning when I got out of my car and heard desperate meows coming from a tiny, beautiful little kitten. A man told me that cat must have ridden underneath the hood of his pickup truck all the way from Marshfield. I was frantic and told him I would help catch the poor baby. He said for me to let it go, he had plenty at home and didn't want it. I couldn't leave the baby on her own scared and helpless. She had run behind the propane tanks, and I couldn't get to her. Employees and everyone I could drum up helped move the tanks so I could get the baby kitten. I had plans to find her a good home since I already had five at home. Once I got her home, she wasn't going anywhere and became known as my Precious. I carried her everywhere, and, to the very end, that's how she wanted to be carried and held when on my lap. She survived the other cats and had her favorites and not so much. She had attitude. Her late grandma would tease her by touching her paws when I held her and Precious would nip at her. She would hiss and spit at the Doodles we just got within the last year. She tko'd a 50-pound golden doodle when he jumped on the bed with us and got in "her" space. She had a feisty right paw that she used, and he went down. Admittedly, he is very much a softy and scared of everything. Precious had a wonderful life and was given everything I could possibly give her to survive. She became diabetic approximately three years ago and endured daily, sometimes twice daily or more, insulin injections. The last month of her life was very trying. I won't be specific, but I believed it was time to set sweet Precious Alexandria free with every ounce of dignity she had shown throughout her life. She was a beautiful little soul. My little queenie."

- Vicki Nichols


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